Monday, 27 August 2012

Delhi in a Day

Planning to travel in India? This movie is something you should look for as preparation for your trip. Recently released in India, Delhi in a Day tells the story of Jasper (Lee Williams) visiting the Bhatia family who live in a farmhouse in Delhi with their entourage of servants. He only has one day to see Delhi but when he returns from a morning drive, he finds all his life’s savings stolen.
Brought to the attention of his host, their needle of suspicion falls on their servants who are grilled till the blame is put on one who has until morning to return the money. As Jasper observes the dynamics of the family and their relationship with those who serve them, a day is enough for him to see the essence of not just Delhi, but India.

Delhi In A Day is a curious mix of a Whodunit and a character study of people who make the country what it is — the business-savvy upper class that's quick to let the poor take the blame, the low income working class who may crib about their masters but are loyal and hardworking, the rich kids who are increasingly getting alienated from the family unit, the older generation that finds it hard to connect to the idea of socialising, the spirited migrant workers who live an adventure everyday fighting the language barrier, etc.
It's a fascinating expose of the economic divide, one that resists the temptation to go all out dark and keeps the proceedings mostly light-hearted, despite the stakes. 

 source reviews: The Hindu

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