Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Meet the Queen of the Spices! Shashi of Udaipur

There is something very special happening in a humble kitchen tucked away in the crooked streets of Old Udaipur. In a humble family kitchen strangers are coming together to learn cooking from Shashi but they walk away having learned a whole lot more about life as well.
Shashi begins the class by telling a little about the circumstances that forced her to seek a way to support her two sons after her husband was murdered. She talks about how she slowly grew to know some tourists who encouraged her to start her own small home managed business. "Even though my family do not support me, now I feel that I have sisters all over the world" she says. Immediately you fall in love with her simple truths and sharp sense of humour and thats before she starts working her magic with the spice box.

In the space of a few short hours Shashi will have you rolling chapatti, frying pakora and making chai like an expert. 
Looking at the menu and the space, you wonder if the class will actually achieve the ambitious plan but Shashi cooks with all the discipline of an army major but with all the love and humour of an angel.
Here is what you can expect to learn in her twice daily classes. Please remember that the foods are seasonal and some dishes may be substituted for others.
  • Masala Chai (Indian Tea) / Potato and Onion Pakora / Corianda & Mango Chutnies / Aubergine and Tomato Masala (curry) / Vegetable Palau / Naan with cheese and tomato / Garlic Cheese / Chappati / Parantha / Potato Parantha
Then you get to sit down and eat it all!
Not only that but Shashi sends you home with all the recipes printed out.
Two classes daily, charge is so minimal I wonder how she does it and please don't be fooled by the many copy cat classes that have sprung up on the back of Shashi's success.
You will find her at Gangaur Chat 18
Below Sunrise Restaurant
Or ask the friendly team at real-india by kalkatravels to call her and arrange a class as part of your tour of  Rajasthan,

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