Friday, 6 July 2012

Mango Madness in Delhi

It's monsoon and mango madness now in India. The sweet succulence of mango mingles with the slightly hysterical celebration of the arrival of the rains and now its time for a festival. A Mango Festival!
The International Mango Festival  celebrates everything about the King of all tropical fruits, ‘Mango’. The International Mango Festival is held every year at the Delhi Haat Pitampura in Delhi. Hosted by Delhi Tourism in alliance with the Delhi Government, this festival showcases the specialities of mangoes from different states of India. Many other mango festivals are also held across India during the same time.

With all kinds of events, like mango eating competitions, quizzes, mango slogan writing, mango carving, children’s shows, mango folk performances, mango tasting, and plenty of mangoes to go around with varieties of the fruit on display.

One gets to savour over 1100 varieties of mangoes and some rare species of the sumptuous fruit. Some of the traditional and exceptional mango varieties are Langda, Dasheri, Alphonso, Fasli, Bombay Green, Chausa, Sindheri, and many more hybrid species of the fruit. Best of all, its free to taste it all!

The Delhi International Mango Festival also carries sale of processed mango items. This includes products like pickles, jam, chutney, mango pulp, mango juice, jelly, aam papad, and aam panna. One can also buy mango plants. The festival encourages trading of the fruit and has buyers from all over the world.
Come to the festival and completely immerse yourself into the tempting mango extravaganza!
A word of warning though, the mango fruit is considered very heating within the science of Ayurveda, balance out the heating properties of the mango by drinking lots of cold milk or fresh coconut milk with it.

When:6th - 8th July, 2012
Where: Delhi Haat, Pitampura, Delhi, India

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