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Six Fun Things for Kids in Delhi

Thinking about bringing your children on holiday to India? India is a very child friendly destination, you will find that your children may make more friends than you do! Family is the very heart of Indian culture and children are especially indulged, Indian children are not shy to speak their mind to adults. 
Here are a few attractions that you could include on your real-india holiday in India.

KINGDOM OF DREAMS: If you want to experience breathtaking magical extravaganza of India, even if you don't have kids, get out to Gurgaon where the huge entertainment and leisure center is located. You can even see a live Bollywood show! Check out Culture Gully, an air conditioned Indian street offering food from all over the country and arts and crafts. See more at their website here.

NATIONAL SCIENCE CENTRE, DELHI :  Has seven galleries over eight levels, but steer the kids towards the Fun Science Centre! .A whole world of wonder and amazement awaits the visitors here with 137 interactive hands-on exhibits. A new facility, 3D – Theatre has been added in this gallery.a number of hands on displays explaining the laws of physics, a multimedia center and 3D films.Website here.

AAPNO GHAR WATER PARK: The park has plenty to please everyone. Enjoy a vast leisure pool with water depths to suit all ages. Please yourself with slides spiraling down the big play pan or enjoy a game under the artificial rain hut, water curtain, rain shower pillar, rainbow fall, or simply curl up and relax in the mist pool. Website here.

SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW PURANA QILA : Delhi Tourism puts on a spectacular sound and light show at the Purana Qila which makes the 5,000 years old history of the city come alive. Amidst the tranquility of the splendidly panoramic and historic environs of the Purana Qila, select episodes from the annals of Delhi's historic and legendary past are vividly brought to life. Special effects combine with the unique ambiance to make this show a hauntingly unforgettable experience.

 BOATING AT PURANA QILA: Despite being located on the banks of the ‘mighty’ Yamuna, Delhi does not have a water life. But you can still row or peddle a boat in the lake beside the walls of Purana Qila.
You can picnic on the well kept lawns while the kids paddle their boats.

ICE CREAM: All kids both big and small appreciate good ice cream! Try one of the many Giani Ice Cream outlets all over the city, their gelato is divine. Baskin and Robbins are also found in Delhi. Be sure to try local flavours like mango and pistachio!

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