Sunday, 10 June 2012

How to Spot a Fake Note in India


There are more than a few fake 500 rupee notes floating around in India, even the bank machines can dispense them so be extra cautious and don't be offended if a shop keeper refuses to take your cash or inspects your money with hawk like eyes! Here are some tips to help  you out from the

500 rupee note
Source: Reserve Bank of India website
There are in all 11 markings or signs where you can check for authenticity of a fake note, say a Rs.500 note:
  1. The floral design marked by number one in the picture above is actually ‘500’ written half way. If you move the note against light you will be able to see the complete ‘500’ written on it.
  2. When viewed against light, this empty place has a hidden picture of Mahatma Gandhi, multi-directional lines and ‘500’ written on it.
  3. The colour of this ‘500’ appears green as such, but if you tilt the note to a certain angle, it would turn blue.
  4. The ground, on which the number of the note is printed, glows when exposed to ultraviolet light.
  5. This thread which appears broken is actually complete and can be looked at from behind when put against light. In addition to this, you will be able to see ‘Bharat’ ‘RBI’ and ‘500’ written on it.
  6. The ‘panch sau rupiye’ written in the middle as well as the ‘Reserve Bank of India’ written on the top of the note, are written in raised ink and can thus be felt by hand.
  7. Under the vertical floral design marked by number 7, you will find ‘500’ written when held against light.
  8. Behind Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait, you will find ‘RBI’ and ‘500’ written, if you look with the help of a magnifying glass.
  9. If you touch the note a little above the Ashoka emblem, you will be able to feel a small circle, although you won’t be able to see it.
  10. Right on the center bottom, on the back side of the note, the year the printing appears and you would be able to see it clearly.
  11. On the back side of the note, you will be able to identify ‘500’ entangled in the floral design. It would appear when looking at the note against light.
With these signs and markings you cannot miss out a fake note coming to you. It is for our own good to check every note that comes to us so as too help ourselves and our country weed out this evil. 

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