Monday, 28 May 2012

Nifty Niche Shopping in Delhi

Moving right along with the shopping as sightseeing theme, and since we are in the neighborhood it makes sense to take a wander over to Shahpur, an 'urban village' in the south of Delhi not far from Hauz Khas.
Shahpur Jat (Shah meaning Royal and Jat being the particular caste of people)  is within one of the third city of the ancient capital Siri Fort.

The Pot Belly for Bihari cuisine
Shahpur Jat is most famous as New Delhi's fashion hub, being home to dozens of boutiques featuring trendy clothes, fashion accessories, and home decor items. Next to the sales of fashion articles, Shahpur Jat is also famous as a production centre with countless buildings in the village being used as small-scale workshops.

Les Parisiennes, recycled boho chic
Best buys in Shahpur Jat include shoes, upcycled clothes at Les Parisiennes, luscious coffee table books at Bookwise, try the Pot Belly cafe for interesting Bihari cuisine. 

Your real-india driver knows exactly where to take you so if you want to take a break from sightseeing in Delhi or combine it with shopping, eating and dreaming then Shahpur Jat is a place to head!

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