Tuesday, 17 April 2012


One of the most essential stops in a tour of Northern India, the temples of Khajuraho are regarded as the greatest architectural achievement of the Chandella Dynasty. Famed for the exquisite and delicate sensuality of its carvings, they were built during the tenth and twelfth centuries AD before being abandoned and almost forgotten in subsequent dynasties.
The intricacy of Khajuraho's erotic carvings were due in part to the soft buff coloured sandstone but he skill of the artisans is evident in the smallest detail, with friezes crammed with detail, right down to the manicured nails and ear rings of the figures depicted in minute detail.

Overtly erotic, the carvings that adorn the temples include a huge congregation of gods and goddesses and depict an amazing array of sexual activities and proclivities.
Immaculately restored, the temples of Kandariya Mahadeva, Vishvanatha and Lakshmana are concentrated in an area known as the Western Group. Adding to the beauty of the entire complex, the temples subtly change hue as the day progresses while floodlights dramatically highlight the temples at night. If you are lucky enough to visit during the time of the full moon, you will see yet another aspect of Khajuraho that will live in your memory for a lifetime.

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